Sleep medicine for the digital age

AASM SleepTM provides the telemedicine tools and support necessary for your organization to stay at the forefront of sleep medicine.  Expand your organization by bringing your expertise to patients - no matter where they live. AASM SleepTM removes the barriers  between you and your patients, allowing direct delivery and seamless care.

AASM SleepTM, sleep medicine for the modern age

AASM SleepTM provides the telemedicine tools and support necessary for your organization to stay at the forefront of sleep medicine. Expand your organization by bringing your expertise to patients - no matter where they live.

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Durable Medical Equipment Companies

  • Reduce the need for home visits
  • Increases patient adherence rates related to compliance
  • Provides more effective DME patient education
  • Greater access to respiratory therapist for DMEs

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Fully experience what AASM SleepTM can offer with a risk-free 7-day free trial for your sleep organization.

Start your free trial in 3 easy steps - no credit card needed:

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Sleep Telemedicine Implementation Guide

Empower your organization and learn valuable information to jump start your telemedicine program today!

Enhance Your Care Delivery

AASM SleepTM offers an innovative, user-friendly and patient-focused opportunity to embrace the future of health care.

AASM SleepTM is a secure web-based video platform that enables you to share your expertise with new patient populations who previously were out of reach due to geographical barriers. It’s health care without walls.
Share your expertise remotely through physician-to-physician video consults with other health care providers. Provide expert insight for complex cases or discuss treatment strategies and best organizations.
Your schedule is ever-changing. Utilize the convenience of AASM SleepTM’s web-based platform to manage and confirm incoming patient encounter requests.
The AASM SleepTM portal gives your sleep organization an individual webpage with your own URL. The customizable features allow your organization to stand out from competitors and maintain a cohesive brand identity.
AASM SleepTM’s portal allows for the secure exchange of sleep data through its integration with your patients’ personal wearable devices, sleep diary function and questionnaire sharing option.
Enhance your follow-up care and improve outcomes by meeting patients, wherever they are. It’s the quality health care your patients expect with added convenience.
Your organization will be listed in the integrated "Find a Sleep Provider" directory, allowing patients to find you with ease.
AASM SleepTM keeps confidential patient health records safe. Data encryption, two-step login verification, and secure file storage ensure patient privacy.
Use a secure live video portal that allows you to provide care in real-time to your patients.
Design your own custom note taking templates within the portal. All of your encounter notes will be saved within the portal for easy access to better fit your workflow needs.

Join the Community

AASM SleepTM makes joining simple.

1. Register your Organization
Your organization administrator can register your facility.
2. Enrollment Process
Once registered, our team will verify your organization information, set up your unique webpage and provide the training and tools necessary for optimal usage by your staff.
3. Invite Staff
After the enrollment verification process is complete, your administrator can assign your staff different permission levels based on their respective roles within the office.
4. Configure Your Webpage
A user-friendly interface makes it simple for you to customize your organization’s telemedicine webpage, ensuring that your brand identity is front and center.
5. Schedule Encounters
Begin scheduling and seeing new patients immediately while offering the opportunity for existing patients to enjoy the convenience of web-based video visits.

Main Features


Your portal dashboard will display an overview of the schedule and patient information most important to you. View your upcoming encounters and initialize secure messages with patients at any time.


The Encounters page is your all-inclusive scheduling headquarters within the portal. View your upcoming calendar, accept patient encounter requests and even initiate on-demand encounters.


The customized personal portal allows for simple navigation of information including the patient's sleep diary, activity log and questionnaires.

Sleep Organization Profile

Patients are searching for you. Keep your organization details shown through AASM SleepTM’s online directory up-to-date. Easily update contact information, organization logos and your staff directory.

Manage Staff

All of your staff members play an important role in the organization; manage contact information, roles and AASM SleepTM permissions through your organization portal.

My Documents

Patients can securely download organization-centric documents or upload and share their home sleep test results and additional health-related documents for your review.

My Note Templates

Design an encounter template that fits your workflow needs. Securely store your templates and notes within the portal for anytime access.


  • Patient Self-Pay

    AASM SleepTM patient self-pay is a secure solution to immediately obtain payment from your patients.

    Quick Steps to get started:

    • Identify your self-pay patients;
    • Customize your pricing for your center's individual needs; and
    • Securely receive your payment online

    Activate patient self-pay in the Organization Settings section of your sleep organization account.

  • Payer Reimbursement

    Each state varies on regulations and reimbursement in regard to the use of telemedicine. Review the American Telemedicine Association’s (ATA's) 50 State Telemedicine Gaps Analysis: Coverage & Reimbursement report for additional information regarding your state’s policy.

    AASM SleepTM will not serve as a replacement for your current patient billing processes.


Get started with AASM SleepTM today and receive 2,500 free visit minutes.

One-Time Setup Fee
Includes AASM expertise, personalized service, custom URL and webpage setup
Includes 2,500 free visit minutes - available only when you register now through Dec. 31, 2016
Annual Subscription Fee
AASM SleepTM subscription must remain active in order to utilize minutes.

Accepted payment methods include credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) or check submission

Additional Minutes

AASM Accredited Non-member Facilities


per 1,000 minutes

AASM Accredited Member Facilities


per 1,000 minutes

Non-accredited/Non-member Facilities


per 1,000 minutes