DME Live Video Solution

AASM SleepTM provides DME companies with a convenient, easily-accessible live video solution to enhance their existing business model.

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Common Problems DME companies are faced with

Diminishing reimbursement

Time constraints

Costly overhead

low compliance rates

How AASM SleepTM can help

Remote PAP setups

Connect respiratory therapists and patients through our web-based video portal to save time and reduce travel costs for PAP setups.


AASM SleepTM allows you to address visual equipment problems with a visual solution, resolving the issues in an effective and efficient manner.

Compliance rates

By using AASM SleepTM, you are able to start patient PAP therapy sooner, and resolve PAP issues quickly to get it right the first time.

Patient engagement/customer satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction by quickly resolving customer problems and reducing the time needed to troubleshooting calls.

Not providing PAP therapy?

Use AASM SleepTM for any other DME products where a live video solution would be useful ex. Ventilators, oxygen, nebulizers, etc.