SleepTM is a telemedicine platform designed and developed by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) intended for the sleep medicine community, but in recent times has been adopted by other medical specialties and organizations to meet their telemedicine needs. SleepTM is a telemedicine platform that is easy to implement (often within a day) for medical staff and easy for Patients to use. The key to our success is that our platform is cost effective, reliable (uptime 99.9%) and provides a web-based, two-way real-time video connection that is secure and HIPAA compliant. There are two platforms available:

  • Select is available for providers who are simply looking for a telemedicine platform to connect with their patients (patients using SleepTM Select are not required to register an account).
  • Pro offers more comprehensive tools and resources (i.e., encrypted secure messaging, file & screen sharing, and advanced scheduling to list just a few).
Patients using SleepTM can maximize their daily schedule by removing the travel time to and from a doctor’s office. Using SleepTM is easy to use, in fact there are two options to interact with providers – web-based or through the SleepTM mobile app (iOS, Android).
In most cases, sleep medicine providers will have a subscription to SleepTM and will be able to facilitate the telemedicine appointment by inviting patients through the platform, and then patients will be able to confirm the appointment and their new SleepTM patient account. Patients who are not associated with a sleep professional/center also have the ability to utilize our secure telemedicine platform to meet with sleep medicine professionals by locating a provider, requesting an appointment, signing-up/registering an account and then seeing the provider.
Patients are not required to make any payments directly to SleepTM. Patient billing and insurance claim filing is managed by the sleep medicine provider, the same way as if a patient were visiting a provider in person. Please note that patient billing varies for individual sleep providers and insurance plans. Contact your sleep provider for additional information.

Video visits give you
convenient access to sleep expertise


Telemedicine is health care without walls. It connects patients and medical providers through live, web-based video visits. By eliminating the barrier of distance, telemedicine improves access to care. It saves time and reduces travel expenses, making health care more efficient. While it used to represent the future of medicine, telemedicine is here now – and it is available to you through AASM SleepTM.